Bigger than Chaos: Additions

The additions to Bigger than Chaos are various elaborations and extensions of the material in the book, each referenced in the book itself. They make only limited sense outside of the context of the book.

1.1A Understanding Simple Statistical Stability (4/26/03)
In the course of the discussion of varieties of simple behavior – fixed point equilibrium, limit cycles, and so on – the question arises how to classify a simple statistical stability, such as a constant annual suicide rate. The answer to the question raises the issue of statics as contrasted with dynamics.
3.6A Long Term Coupling (5/15/03)
Approaches to explaining stochastic independence in trials that exert an ongoing causal influence on each other
3.6B Short Term Coupling Midway through a Trial (5/23/03)
The independence result concerning short-term coupling is extended to interactions occurring partway through a trial
3.7A Independence of Non-Microconstant Chained Trials (5/15/03)
Sufficient conditions for the stochastic independence of chained non-microconstant trials
3.7B The Evolution Function and the IC-Evolution Function (5/16/03)
The sufficient conditions for the stochastic independence of chained trials require certain properties of both the evolution function and the IC-evolution function. The nature of both functions is determined by the same physics, and it turns out that physical properties conducive to satisfying the conditions on the evolution function (principally, microconstancy) are also conducive to satisfying the conditions on IC-evolution.
4.5A Independence of Simultaneous Non-Microconstant Trials (5/15/03)
Sufficient conditions for the independence of simultaneous microdynamic trials in a complex systems, when the evolution functions are not microconstant
4.9A Creating a Poisson-Patterned Spike Train (4/26/03)
How neurotransmitter release probabilities might create Poisson patterns in a spike train for use in a foraging decision maker